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When G&L their version of the “Superstrat” in the mid-1980‘s, many had a Kahler vibrato. What might be somewhat unexpected is that they did the same for a number of basses. An L-2000E and Interceptor bass are featured in the ad from 1984 below both with a chrome Kahler™ 2410 4-string unit vibrato with rearward saddles. But the El Toro-E has also been seen with a Kahler. Even more, in 2016 a true “unicorn” was sold on Reverb: a White passive El Toro w/Kahler vibrato and Black headstock! Read Greg Gagliano’s “Wiggle Stick Basses” article for more. Or watch Andy Irvine play his L-2000 with Kahler vibrato in this video. Although the bass he plays is a modded 1981 L-2000, as seen from the headstock without the G&L hook, it demonstrates the effect of a vibrato unit on a bass nicely.


L-2000E w/Kahler

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Not in collection yet. Any of the 3 listed models will do. The goal is to have (at least) 1 G&L bass with such a unit. So it may not even be an L-2000 w/Kahler vibrato in the end. Oh, and do I still wish I would have paid attention when that “unicorn” was available. That would have killed 2 birds with one stone. Alas ...

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D’Addario EXL160 Nickel Wound Medium Long Scale (50-105)