G&L tech resources: Wiring harnesses


The G-200, with its mahogany body and a 24¾” scale, is an odd beast within the universe of G&L guitars. The 2 Magnetic Field Design (MFD) humbuckers each have a separate volume and tone control. Very Gibson-esque! Both tone controls on this 1981 G-200 w/”rain cloud” panel use a CTS 250kΩ Audio Taper potentiometer with 22,000pF capacitor in the treble cut RC-circuit. This did not change on the G-200 with rear-loaded controls from a year later, although they are green on the “rain cloud” G-200 and orange on the rear-loaded G-200, as shown below. The 3-position pickup selector on the upper horn, again very Gibson-esque. As explained on the pictured “G-200 Specification Sheet” included with a 3rd G-200 (w/repair), the red tip, 3-position C&K 7411 “Splitter Switch” allows one to select between “-a humbucking mode (Switch toward bridge), -a single coil mode with bass boost (Switch in center position), -and single coil only (Switch toward the nut position)”. This is all achieved by adding some capacitors into the circuitry. On all 3 G-200s, one finds a separate 1,000pF (.001µF) capacitor for each pickup between the “Splitter Switch” and their CTS 250kΩ Audio Taper volume controls. On the “rain cloud” control panel G-200, each pickup has its own 50,000pF (.05µF) cap on the ”Splitter Switch”, draining high frequencies to ground in the “single coil mode with bass boost” setting, whereas both rear-loaded G-200s use a 47,000pF (.047µF) cap instead. This is an insignificant difference in value given the ±10% tolerances.