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When the L-2000 bass was introduced in 1980, it initially was available in both totally passive mode (L-2000) or with preamp (L-2000E). The L-2000E was so popular that it became the only offering by April 1981. When introduced in the June 1983 price list, a passive El Toro with maple fingerboard was listed for $699 (including case) and for $729 (including case) with either rosewood or fretless ebony fingerboard. For an additional $100, each of these configurations could be augmented with a preamp. That version with preamp turned out to be much more popular and the El Toro-E is the only entry on the January 15, 1984 price list. Hence, the passive El Toro was only in production only for about 7 months and is super rare, even though it was used for the initial ad shown below. All this is not unlike the story of the passive L-2000 versus L-2000E. One can see a Black El Toro on Greg Gagliano website. Beyond that, there is Willie G. Moseley’s “The G&L El Toro” discussing the passive version of the El Toro.


El Toro (passive)

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Not in collection yet. Either a passive L-2000 or a passive El Toro will fit the bill.

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D’Addario EXL160 Nickel Wound Medium Long Scale (50-105)